If your desktop computer is really old or a powerful gaming rig, chances are it isn’t the quietest of machines you have in your house. It seems that the only way to drown out the sound is to turn up your speakers or cover the computer case with thick blankets (and risk overheating it). Well, NZXT has designed the perfect case just for you. Called the H2, this sleek looking PC case houses your computer’s internals while keeping noise to a minimum level. With noise dampening foam on the inside, and a magnetic fan cover, you can be sure that the only sound you hear are the footsteps of your opponents trying to sneak up on you around the corner, instead of your hard disk whirring and spinning fans. It comes with touch powered fans with fan filters for easy maintenance and fan swapping, a 30W 3-step fan control for airflow settings at 40%, 70% and 100% of maximum fan speed, a top hot swap capable SATA HDD Dock and USB 3.0 port, as well as ample space behind the motherboard for you to hide those pesky cables from sight. Setting you back $99.99, it’s a small price to pay for the silence you’ll get. Head to NZXT’s website for more details.

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