When it comes to video cards on your computer, one of the more common questions that people would ask would be the make and model of the GPU.  Where USB video adapters are concerned though, it isn’t that clear cut in finding an answer, unless yourGPU hails from DisplayLink – where most companies would prefer to just throw on the “DisplayLink Certified” label instead. Well, today you will lay eyes on the first USB 3.0 video card in the world known as Sunix. Obviously, this is one instance where the SuperSpeed interface will come in handy, since USB 3.0 has enough bandwidth for supporting even multiple HD monitors. In order to make sure backward compatibility is in each of these puppies, the adapter will limit itself to drawing a mere 400mA current. Maximum resolution that the adapter can handle would stand at 2048 x 1152, alongside HDMI 1.2 connectivity – this means you won’t get 3D support, either.

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