Verizon Wireless does seem to be pretty interested in moving a huge quantity of their entire DROID range of smartphones through the simple carrot on a stick method – that is, offering a $100 discount from any DROID-branded smartphone for online buyers, while there will be another $100 discount off the subsidized, two-year contract price to boot. This temporary pricing structure would mean that theDROID X, DROID R2D2, and DROID Incredible will be practically free, although you will most likely be stuck with that phone for the next two years. Of course, those who are feeling a little bit flush and don’t mind lightening the load of their wallet by another Benjamin can look forward to the DROID 2 Global for $99.99, with the DROID PRO going for $79.99, and the DROID X (non-CPO) retailing for $49.99. Who says that good things don’t come to those who wait? This is the perfect deal (on paper anyways if you’re a Verizon fan) who doesn’t need to have the latest and greatest at all times.

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