As if slashing flying fruit in the popular iOS and Android game Fruit Ninja wasn’t already fun enough, a bunch of intrepid German students got together and hacked a life-sized virtual reality version of the game. Using a 3D motion tracking system with a Wii Remote for haptic feedback and rumbling “buttkickers in the floor,” players can slash incoming fruit by way of the Nintendo controller with surround sound blaring on. The entire game runs in CAVE, an SDK that consists of four computers, four duo-beamers operating on OpenCL and Chromium. For the added intensity of 3D realism, active shutter glasses can be donned by players to really jump into the fruit cutting fun. I’ve played the iPhone and iPad version of Fruit Ninja, and as amusing as it is (use four fingers if you can), it looks super puny compared to this VR version. Video of the fruit slashing fun after the jump.

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