Let’s face the cold, hard facts – a landline in your home these days is not really necessary at all, as many people do see it as a relic from their parents’ (or perhaps, for younger kids who grew up without realizing there was this thing called a “landline” apart from their grandparents’ homes) era. After all, with the advent of cell phone technology and a wider coverage of networks throughout the country, it makes perfect sense for one to rely more on cell phones and smartphones to be contacted anytime, anywhere than a landline. Cobra intends to offer an olive branch of sorts to both parties with their PhoneLynx, which is a a new Bluetooth device which will bridge landline technology and the cell phone through the “transformation” of your home phone system into an extension of your cell phone.

The Cobra PhoneLynx will link your current cell phone to your home handset so that you will be able to get the most bang for your hard earned buck by doing away with a landline, and turning your unused cell minutes to part of the home phone system.

Retailing for $59.95, the Cobra PhoneLynx should be readily available nationwide if you’re interested.

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