The upcoming HTC Flyer tablet might just change the way tablets work what with the stylus functionality that is thrown into the mix, and we also know that said tablet will be a Best Buy exclusive this spring, so it makes perfect sense to see this tablet device hit the FCC’s hallowed halls for inspection – and of course, approval, before it is released to the masses for them to part with their hard earned money. Normally, an appearance at the FCC often means an impending public release, so this is in line with the spring release date that we’re looking forward to. 

Known by its model number PG41400, the HTC Flyer has just picked up FCC approval for its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity capabilities, but there was nary a beep concerning 3G support at press time. Both 16GB and 32GB models of the HTC Flyer were tested by the FCC, where the former is a Wi-Fi only version that is tipped to cost around half a grand, while there has been nothing but speculation for the 32GB model.

At point of publishing, Best Buy is offering only the 16GB model on a pre-order basis. We do know that the HTC Flyer will ship with Android 2.4 right out of the box, with the tablet-specific Android 3.0 Honeycomb ready to arrive in due time.

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