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Android Honeycomb finally available for US Cellular's HTC Flyer
With Android 4.1 Jelly Bean currently enjoying the spotlight, we would not be surprised if many Android users have shifted their focus from Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs to Jelly Bean ones instead. That being said, it seems that one particular tablet has recently received some Honeycomb love. Yes, the Android operating system originally designed for tablets has finally made its way onto the US Cellular version of the […]

HTC Flyer rumored to receive Android 4.0 update in Q1 2012
While it appears that HTC’s first Android tablet offering, the Flyer, may have been discontinued, it does not mean that the Taiwanese company has decided to completely forsake remaining users. If the recent set of rumors are to be believed, it looks like the HTC Flyer could be in for a major update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in the first quarter of 2012.

HTC Flyer receives Honeycomb update
Being an early adopter has its risks and advantages, and if you happen to be one of the first few to fly with the discontinued HTC Flyer, then surely you might have suffered from a certain degree of buyer’s remorse. After all, the iPad from Apple has proved to be the “title bout” so to speak, and the HTC Flyer, being HTC’s first attempt in the tablet world, failed to dent […]

Sprint's HTC EVO View 4G could receive Honeycomb update by end of the year
We know that the GSM version of the HTC Flyer in Europe will be receiving the Android Honeycomb 3.2 update, but what about the good folks down at Sprint with their HTC EVO View 4G tablets? While there has been no official word as to whether Sprint’s version of the HTC Flyer tablet will receive the Honeycomb 3.2 update, rumor has it that the update could be making its way […]


New BlackBerry phones arriving on Sprint - August 21st
Want to know how much you’ll be forking out if you plan to get the one of the next generation BlackBerry devices? Thanks to the folks at BGR who managed to get their hands on an upcoming Sprint flier, we now have the prices for the phones when they go on sale later this year.

HTC Flyer receives minor update
HTC’s first foray into the tablet market has resulted in the HTC Flyer, a relatively smaller device in comparison to the iPad and iPad 2 with the HTC tablet sporting a 7″ display. One of HTC’s main reasons for doing so would be to create a device that is roughly the size and weight of a paperback book, making sure it is a snap to tote around without causing cramps […]

HTC Flyer arrives at the FCC in two capacities
The upcoming HTC Flyer tablet might just change the way tablets work what with the stylus functionality that is thrown into the mix, and we also know that said tablet will be a Best Buy exclusive this spring, so it makes perfect sense to see this tablet device hit the FCC’s hallowed halls for inspection – and of course, approval, before it is released to the masses for them to […]

HTC Flyer pre-order begins this Sunday
The HTC Flyer that was announced at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year has been one of the more interesting Android tablets that will be arriving this year. The fact that it doesn’t run Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) – the version of Android that’s been optimized for tablets, and that it doesn’t sport a dual-core processor has been some of the most talked about points about the device. The other […]

HTC Flyer to land in Europe this May 9th
We suppose that this piece of news sneaked us by, what with all the spotlight being shone on the announcement of the HTC Sensation 4G earlier this morning. Word has it that the HTC Flyer tablet device is set to arrive in Europe this coming May 9th, and the 16GB model still does not come with any official price tag, but we do know that the 3G-enabled model that has […]

HTC Flyer shown off in a 6 minute video
The HTC Flyer, or HTC EVO View 4G on Sprint, has been given an in-depth video walkthrough by HTC, the creators of the Android tablet themselves. The tablet that was shown off at the Mobile World Congress and was given a hands-on preview by us last month, and now HTC has taken the time to show off what we can do with the upcoming tablet. The video shows off the […]

HTC Flyer to arrive on T-Mobile according to leak
The HTC Flyer tablet might be a Best Buy exclusive this spring, and we also know that it will arrive on Sprint as the EVO View 4G, although T-Mobile has been caught to offer the HTC Flyer as it is without any name change, albeit we do not have any idea on which country’s T-Mobile will be offering said tablet. There are some who say that a US launch is […]

Samsung Galaxy S2 Mini and HTC Flyer UK release date
We already know that the HTC Flyer (that’s what you see above when we caught sight of it during MWC 2011 in Barcelona) is up for pre-order in the UK, but now we have word of its release date in that part of the world, which isn’t too far away by the way. Apart from that, there are whispers of a spanking new Samsung Galaxy handset – where it will […]

HTC EVO 3D and EVO View 4G specs leaked
Two of HTC’s upcoming devices for Sprint have had their specs leaked, according to some reports online. Whether or not the specs are the real deal is yet to be confirmed, but from what was revealed so far, the EVO 3D will be the rumored HTC Shooter and will be HTC’s debut entry into the 3D smartphone category. It features a dual-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon MSM8660 processor, a 4.3″ glasses-free 3D […]

HTC Flyer receives a million orders already
The tablet market is definitely a competitive one to say the least, what with the iPad 2 having been announced and ready to trounce the rest of the competition. Well, HTC is no slouch when it comes to mobile devices either, and the company is looking to take off with a tablet of their own aptly known as the Flyer. Chinese news outlet Commercial Times has touted the HTC Flyer […]

HTC Flyer promo video released
HTC has released a promotional video for their upcoming HTC Flyer tablet, and it’s interesting to say the least. The video shows off what the tablet can be used for, and ends with the slogan “a tablet for the whole family”. It looks like HTC are planning to target the home and family market with this device and that could be a good thing, seeing how most tablets on the […]

HTC Flyer Preview
HTC Flyer Preview: In the meantime, HTC pull off another cool design, but keep an eye on the very shiny screen and the low battery life

HTC Flyer announced today at the Mobile World Congress
[MWC] HTC has a plethora of devices (six to be exact) that they will be announcing at the Mobile World Congress today, and their most-anticipated device has got to be their Android tablet known as the HTC Flyer. After staying out of the tablet game last year, it looks like HTC is ready to dip its toes into this highly saturated market – whether or not it can make a […]

Jetlev Flyer ready to be purchased
If you happen to have some spare cash lying around in these economically turbulent times and want to splurge on something that none of your buddies have, might we suggest a different mode of transport instead of the usual Ferraris and Porsches? We’re talking about the Jetlev Flyer here that will require some intestinal fortitude to ride – nay, fly in. Taking out $135,000 from your bank account for one […]