Intel custom Chopper

Back in 2007, to celebrate its 30th anniversary of being in the embedded business, Intel built a custom chopper that was just loaded with all the latest tech, and one hell of an engine. While it was so loaded with gadgets and high-end equipment, it wasn’t very rider friendly and never saw life on the road. The chopper travelled from road show to road show, usually serving as a photo prop, but it was never ridden around or taken for a ride on the track.

The custom-chopper featured a dual V-Twin motor (four-cylinders to celebrate Intel’s first quad-core embedded processor) with a total of 250 horsepower. It had fingerprint recognition, built-in GPS, and a tablet dashboard that ran on Intel’s low power Core Duo processor. The tablet had a screen that was viewable in sunlight and displayed the digital speedometer, tachometer, voltage meter and battery gauges. It even had WiFi to get online (just so you know, you can update your Facebook status when you’re caught in a jam in the city and leaching off some café’s free WiFi connection.

The bike was never scheduled to become a production unit, and eventually was retired after an 18 month-long stint. Now, the Intel custom bike rests in a glass display case inside an Intel building in Chandler, Arizona; where it is visible only to Intel employees and the occasional visitor.

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