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US Military To Work On Stealth Dirt Bike
We’ve heard of stealth planes before, but what about stealth bikes? Well according to a report from DefenseTech, it seems that US military leaders have recently approved funding in which it would see the development of a stealth motorcycle that would allow soldiers to drive for long periods of time on rough terrain without emitting engine noise.This is thanks to the fact that the stealth motorcycle will use a hybrid-electric […]

This Bicycle Uses A Hubless Front Wheel As A Storage Compartment
Cyclists who happen to be carrying something like a bag or some delicious chinese food have had to rely on a small basket propped at the front of their bike in order to get anything transported. We’re not sure just how long bicycles have had baskets on the front of their handles, but we think it’s about time bikes get a modern-day upgrade. That’s where the Transport comes in.

Flying Bicycle Test Launch Finally Takes Flight
Technodat's flying bicycle finally got its test launch.

Bike Headlight Used To Project Your Speed Limit
Riding a bicycle can be a freeing way to travel as you don’t have to worry about rising gas prices or finding a parking spot once you arrive at your destination as a tree and a lock can get the job done. One thing bicycle riders are always curious about when riding is just how fast they’re going, and if they will possibly go back in time at their current […]


Netherlands to install heated bike paths for winter
Few towns in Netherlands are reportedly considering heating their bike paths, now that winter is coming. According to the local news publication De Telegraaf, a group called Dutch Cyclists Union are deeply interested in installing underground pipes on their pavements to keep them accessible and usable for the public. Heated bike paths will not only mean that the pavements are snow-free, it will also reduce road accidents and encourage more […]

3D Surround Music Box makes bike rides more fun
If you’re one of those people who has to listen to music no matter what you’re doing, you’ve probably tried listening to music while on a bicycle before. While it does make riding less boring, listening to music with the use of headphones while on a bicycle can be dangerous – you might not hear the sound of oncoming vehicles or even cries of other people who are trying to […]

PowerBIKE vibration claims to make you skinnier
If you happen to fight one constant battle all of your life without gaining a noticeable uppper hand, chances are it would be the battle of the bulge. Well, assuming you have tried just about all sorts of ways without being able to achieve complete and total victory, perhaps there is a way out for you – with the PowerBIKE. This particular device is said to harness the power of […]

Scientists develop wireless brakes for bicycles
Everything is going wireless these days – and it’s not just your mobile phones. Some scientists in Germany have come up with a new wireless braking system that works without cable and levers. And when its calculation of reliability gives the system 99.999999999997% reliability – three out of a trillion attempts. Wow.The system works using wireless radio signals being sent from the handle bar to the part which activates the […]

Bicycle Library lets you ride a bike home
When you mention the word “library”, what comes across your mind? For most of us, it would be tome after tome of delectable books, waiting to kick start your imagination in ways you never thought possible – especially after weaning yourself off those video games. What happens when you cross bicycles with a library? Why, you get the Bicycle Library, of course.

Bike Fixtation comes in handy for two-wheeler owners
Love living the green lifestyle? You can’t go wrong by cycling around, although for those who need to commute a distance to work, cycling there isn’t going to make the cut – other than carrying your bicycle with you and mixing it up with different public transport routes. Well, what happens when you experience a flat tire with no repair shop in sight? This is where the Bike Fixtation is […]

Inflatable helmet pad makes your helmets safer
While helmets are required by law to be worn at all times when cycling or on a motorbike, the size and fitting of a helmet isn’t regulated by the government. And even though it is always safer to wear a helmet when riding, a badly fitted helmet can be just as dangerous as not wearing one at all. To counter this problem, some designers have come up with a concept […]

Concept Audi electric bike is sleek and minimalistic
While bicycles are already as green as vehicles can get, motorbikes unfortunately don’t fall into the same category. As a way to compromise the need for an engine (sometimes you just need that extra help going uphill especially after a tiring day at work) bicycle manufacturers have started putting electrical motors in their designs. But most of these bikes don’t exactly look fantastic. Well, a designer named Arash Karimi has […]

Wattbike measures how much power you generate during cycling
If you’ve always wondered about how much power you produce whenever you’re cycling, you won’t have to wonder anymore. (In case you were wondering, cyclists do measure their power output as a way to compare their skills and to measure their growth and progress as an athlete.) Unfortunately, most bikes don’t have the capability to accurately measure how much power a cyclist produces during a bike ride.Well, the folks over […]

MotoCzysz E1pc electric bike aims to break records
Michael Czysz’s latest MotoCzysz electric motorcycle was recently shown off in its full glory, and boy it sure is impressive. With a carbon fiber frame and an engine that packs up nearly 200 horsepower, the bike weighs less than 500 pounds. Michael Czysz has plans for the E1pc to become the first electric bike to break the 100mph average lap at the Isle of Man TT.While the full specs of […]