android-vs-iosComscore, a company that sells analytics to pretty much every marketing departments, has revealed that in its own analysis, iOS far “outreaches” Android (the word outreach is important here). It means that iOS users are more visible to Comscore across a spectrum measurable things like “web browsing, messaging and multimedia” (whatever the two latter mean). This has nothing to do with market share or unit sold.

“The combined 37.9 million iOS users is 59 percent greater than the 23.8 million combined Android OS installed base, which includes users of both Android phones and connected media devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab.” (Comscore)

The same study reaches obvious conclusions: “Apple iPad Ownership Extends Beyond Just ‘Fanboys'” says Comscore. They add “…indicating that the advanced mobile capabilities rather than the device itself might be primary driver behind this age profile.”

“Duh” would be appropriate here. Obviously, the primary reason for buying a $499+ device is the belief that the device is genuinely useful, instead of just being “pretty”. And although many would argue about the actual usefulness of the iPad, the true answer is really unique for each user. What Comscore shows is that iOS users are effectively using the devices in ways that Comscore can measure.

In the end, this suggests that iOS users are better “customers” for media companies and brand. And the likely knee-jerk reaction to this is to continue focusing on the iOS development of apps and services, which in turns, make Apple’s stronghold even stronger…

I’m curious to see how this is going to evolve because Android will win in terms of sheer unit sold – there’s no way around it.

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