Some parents might think that this is beyond belief – do pre-schoolers in kindergartens actually need an iPad 2 as a learning tool? Those tablets don’t come cheap, you know, but school officials in Maine think that the investment is well worth the effort in educating our next generation of younglings. It seems that the Auburn Schools Committee voted unanimously to provide all kindergartners with a spanking new iPad 2 from 2012 onwards, where the process is set to continue for each new incoming class. And we thought that the budget for education has been slashed in most states around the country due to the large deficit the US is experiencing, so where will the extra $200,000 come from to pick up Apple’s hot tablet? If schools across the US adopt such an idea, now would be a good time to purchase some Apple stock regardless of how expensive it already is – as the profits from such a move would be staggering, leading you to enjoy your winnings later on. Hopefully these iPad 2s will be adequately protected against the wiles of 5-year olds who aren’t too careful around electronics at the moment.

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