Each time you go for a holiday, do your family members have this expectation of you bringing home a bunch of souvenirs for them? If that’s the case, you might want to surprise them the next time round – giving you a miniature replica of yourself. All you need to do is to check out this Kinect hack and tell us you aren’t impressed – BlablabLAB actually got the help of a trio of Kinects and a RepRap machine which will shoot images of passersby, rendering them into a 3D figurine in a project known as Be Your Own Souvenir. Of course, a 3D printer is required to achieve this special effect, and while it isn’t exactly the most memorable holiday memento you might be able to give out (since you can always get this done anywhere else with a 3D printer), at least it might send the subtle message that you do not want your relatives to pester you for souvenirs – ever.

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