How can I put this? Don’t try this at home? Playing your Nintendo 3DS while spinning around in a chair will likely induce major headaches, dizziness and possibly vomiting? The Nintendo 3DS is a weird little bugger when its 3D effects are turned on. There is most definitely a “sweet spot” that must be focused on in order to see the 3D. Looking at the 3D from the sides or anywhere else doesn’t work, so it’s funny that in an official Nintendo press release for the 3DS game Steel Diver that Nintendo would recommend “spinning around in a chair and watching the 3D sea horizon move with you.” Given that many gamers are already griping about headaches and dizziness from the glasses-free 3D handheld, you’d think Nintendo would be more careful with how it’s talking about the device. Our suggestion: just don’t do it. At PAX East 2011, I had the liberty to play Steel diver for a good amount of time and felt the game’s 3D is already way more extreme than the other games (Pilot Wings Resort is the worst, it’ll make you cross-eyed). Take it from us, playing Steel Diver in motion is sure to not end well.

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