What do the Japanese love more than Nintendo 3DS? Their regular DSi and DS Lites? Guess again. It’s their PlayStation Portables. For the second week in a row, Sony’s PSP has managed to outsell the new Nintendo 3DS handheld – all without the heavy hitter Monster Hunter (a game proven to shift piles and piles of PSP consoles). According to Media Create, the PSP sold 58,075 units last week (up 7,000 units over last week) whereas the 3DS sold only 42,979 (down 8,000 over last week). Perhaps all that chatter about  headaches from the 3D or complaints about the hefty price Nintendo’s price isn’t just white noise after all. Or it could just be that the Japanese are still obsessed with their 2D digital dates, as the spike in PSP sales are being attributed to a dating game called Amagami. Regardless the reason, it’s still interesting to see old hardware keep up with the times thanks to solid software. Maybe this 10-year cycle thing isn’t that bad. The PSP was originally released in 2004 in Japan. I bought mine in 2006 and I’m still gaming on it. Are you still loving your PSP?

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