For folks living in the southern hemisphere, winter’s coming your way, so you might as well sit up and take notice of a new way to keep yourself warm. We’re talking about the Speak workstation that not only come with enough place for you to put your laptop and mouse comfortably, but it will also do its bit to keep you warm even when the mercury dips on the outside. The burner has been integrated into the table, while the fire’s outlet is constructed from a thin ceramic plate at just 3mm in thickness, thanks to the good people over at Lea Ceramiche. You can choose from 45cm and 70cm heights to suit your needs. The hearth is well hidden from view in its belly so that it doesn’t look out of place in the office when not in use. All in all, it makes a great addition if you no longer have a paper shredder around and need to burn some incriminating documents – and fast!

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