Opti-Myst Electric Fire Gives The “Hot” Look Without The Heat

[CEATEC 2014] For those of us who happen to live in the northern hemisphere, autumn might have just kicked in, and winter is about to arrive, so how about making sure your home is well equipped to meet Jack Frost when he arrives? Of course, it might be a wee bit crazy to actually turn on the heater during summer, or perhaps to set up a fireplace going then, but […]

Pureflame lets you mount your fireplace on a wall

Traditionally, the fireplace is located in the living room so that everyone is able to gather in a central location at home, and while electrical ones have slowly invaded homes as the wood-fed fireplace gives way to modern technology, here is an alternative take – the Pureflame. This unique fireplace is wall mounted, which means you need not carve out a new chimney for your pad if you want to […]

Escea introduces Wi-Fi fireplace

Wi-Fi connectivity has proved to be quite the lifeline for many a road warrior when working out of the office, and at home, we have seen our fair share of smart appliances such as Samsung’s Smart Window (albeit a prototype) and LG’s smart fridge in the past, so for now we will see how the humble fireplace gets an injection of technology. The Wi-Fi fireplace from Escea is certainly a […]

Carillon Fireball fireplace makes sure everyone is warm and toasty

Living in Australia or New Zealand? Well, you might want to check out the Carillon Fireball fireplace – after all, this one is special as it somewhat looks like Sauron’s all seeing eye, keeping you nice and warm at the same time all round. The design is the brainchild of Italian company La Nordica, where the Carillon Fireball has a special stove that allows the fireplace to rotate 90 degrees […]


Speak workstation has integrated fireplace

For folks living in the southern hemisphere, winter’s coming your way, so you might as well sit up and take notice of a new way to keep yourself warm. We’re talking about the Speak workstation that not only come with enough place for you to put your laptop and mouse comfortably, but it will also do its bit to keep you warm even when the mercury dips on the outside. […]

Planika Fire Line Automatic fireplace looks stunning

Planika’s latest Fire Line Automatic fireplace is one unique piece of home decoration that you might want to consider installing – if you have the financial means, that is. After all, this fully automatic fireplace sports a large LED display which can be operated via a remote control. The fireplace itself offers freedom to play with its design, letting you display it any way you want to. Among the unlimited […]

Fontana TV Stand Puts Your TV And Fireplace Side By Side

Most people wouldn’t dare put their expensive TV next to a fireplace, but the folks behind the modular furniture, Fontana certainly don’t have such worries. With this combination of placing your TV and fireplace side by side, you can ensure you that you’ll be able to cozy up to your favorite TV show and still stay warm. Do you think it’d fit in well with your home décor?

Roll Your Fireplace Around Your Livingroom

With Christmas just behind us, you’ll probably be very well acquainted with fireplaces, but what about a rolling fireplace? Sounds weird, but that’s just what you’ll be able to get if you’re willing to fork out €2,490 ($3567 USD). It uses bio-ethanol as its combustion source, and is made by Commoto. With this in your home, you could roll it to wherever you want to be sitting in the house. […]

I-Vision fireplace hides LCD TV

The fireplace sure has come a long way from the old days where Santa had to go through plenty of soot and dirt in order to deliver his presents, as Helex from the Netherlands has developed the I-Vision fireplace more for the comfort of the home’s residents instead of the fat, jolly man in a red suit. The I-Vision will integrated a flatscreen TV with a fireplace, where the former […]