Unreal Development KitFor those of you who gave up hope of ever experiencing games of Epic proportions on your Android device – don’t lose hope. According to an interview Mark Rein, VP of Epic Games, had with Gamasutra; the Unreal Development Kit will be arriving on Android in the future. While Epic’s Unreal Engine (3) has been used to create games on Android, developers made it possible by utilizing the engine’s source code (e.g. Dungeon Defenders), without access to the powerful UDK that makes life easier for them. The arrival of the UDK will definitely draw a lot more developers to create “blockbuster” games for the Android platform, but the exact date for it to happen is not set in stone yet. The main cause for the delay is due to Android’s openness: there are so many different phones with different hardware, and running different versions of Android – getting one game to be compatible with many devices is an issue itself. Google is attempting to solve the issue and one of the ways they will be getting rid of fragmentation is by standardizing Android – a move that Epic Games supports. With devices like the Xperia Play in the market and the UDK arriving on the operating system, can Android be the next big gaming platform?

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