Apple Services Experience Worldwide Outage
It seems that Apple services have gone through a major outage – not locally, but one that affects just about every nook and cranny in the world. Yes sir, there has been widespread reports across social media platforms of users that hail from Australia all the way to Vietnam, citing that they have not been able to gain access to Apple’s services for the past few hours.

iTunes Store Outage Lasted Hours
Apple’s iTunes Store experienced an outage that lasted for a few hours, and needless to say, the downtime affected the likes of music, app and e-book downloads. Apple has already acknowledged the situation, having confirmed that an unknown issue has actually negatively affected its digital storefronts which resulted in the inability for users to perform purchases, or even to download items and re-download content from not only the iTunes Music […]

Time Warner Cable Outage Resolved
It looks like the outage experienced by Time Warner Cable earlier this morning has been resolved, and the world (or rather, folks over in the U.S.) will be able to resume their connected lives without feeling as though a part of them is ‘dead’ because they have lost their connection to the virtual world. It must be noted that the Internet outage has impacted over 11 million customers at Time […]

Time Warner Experiences Major Outage
Is it a case of outage musical chairs that is being played out at the moment? Time Warner is the latest company to fall victim when it comes to its Internet services offered to those living in the U.S., and it certainly looks as though the East Coast has been affected a whole lot more seriously than anywhere else. Needless to say, Time Warner customers who were less than pleased […]


New York Times Web Site Is Still Offline
Just earlier this morning, we did bring you word that Microsoft’s Outlook service has experienced an outage, and it seems that Microsoft is not the only one suffering from such a malady, as the New York Times’ website has been offline, and still is offline as at press time. Just what is going on today? When approached, a representative for the New York Times’s owner has confirmed that the site […]

Microsoft Outlook Outage Reported
If you are an online service provider and your service happens to undergo an outage, it would definitely make many people unhappy. Of course, if your service happens to be widely used but not indispensable, then it would irritate a wide percentage of folks, but it is not really a life or death issue. However, when you have a service like Outlook from Microsoft and it happens to be down, […]

iMessage Outage Affected 30% Of Users
Apple's iMessage outage earlier today affected around 30% of the users.

iMessage And FaceTime Down For A While
The world ground to a halt for some moments earlier today, and I am referring to those who use Apple’s iMessage and FaceTime services, as both services were actually disrupted, so it is a good thing that they are up and running normally once again. Apparently, this particular issue did not affect everyone, but only some users, which would surely prove to be an irritating experience especially when you have […]

CloudFlare Is Down, Taking Thousands Of Websites With It
Web accelerator CloudFlare is having network-wide DNS issues, and it looks like all sites that use it as a front-end proxy are down as a result. The company has confirmed the outage with a Tweet that says: “we’re experencing a network-wide issue. Looking into the root cause”. If you have a site using it, you could always try to revert back to your old DNS settings, but I think that […]

Twitter Outage Being Worked On
For a social networking tool such as Twitter to experience an outage can be said to be an outrage for users, but to have the outage happen twice in a single month has been deemed as unacceptable to many. Apparently, there was another outage for the popular micro blogging service earlier today, where plenty of users ran into issues when they tried to access as well as third party […]

Facebook Outage
Well, earlier this morning we talked about how PayPal experienced an outage, and here we are with word that Facebook, the world’s most popular social network, too, has experienced an outage. Thing is, when you type in the “www” prefix, you will be able to access your Facebook account, but just typing in “” to enter into the root domain will yield a no go. Not only that, there are […]

Netflix Experiences Outage On New Year’s Eve [Update]
Where were you during the great Netflix outage of Christmas 2012? If you were home attempting to enjoy your holiday break by attempting to access Netflix, then you know it was impossible to access its Instant Streaming service as it was completely crippled due to Amazon’s issues with their ELBs. It looks as though people who are on holiday break between today and tomorrow to celebrate the coming new year […]

It’s not just you: Sprint cell phone service is down in Washington and Oregon
When cell phone service goes down, the whole world goes haywire. Today, Sprint’s often-spotty service went totally down in the Pacific Northwest, and as a result Sprint subscribers in Portland and Seattle can’t make calls. That’s not all, though. Alaska Airlines is also reporting that the outage also affects thier internal systems, so they can’t check passengers in. They’ve had to delay flights. Sprint’s official word is that it’s a […]

Apple iMessage outage happened earlier this morning
Apple’s instant messaging service, iMessage, was said to have experienced outage issues worldwide instead of it being a local occurrence, and it certainly contradicts the “All Clear” condition on its iCloud status website. The service outage is not a long and sustained one, but rather, one that happens sporadically.