ViewSonic gTablet

Over the weekend, ViewSonic released an OTA (over the air) update for their 7″ Android tablet, the gTablet. While it’s not Honeycomb (don’t expect to find an official build of it on tablets anytime soon) it does bring a lot of improvements to the already useful tablet.


The gTablet OTA update finally brings support for Adobe Flash – users can now watch Flash videos and experience Flash games on their tablets (at the expense of battery life of course), support for the external docking station. USB keyboard and mouse support – you can now plug in those USB peripherals to turn your tablet into some sort of mini laptop.

Other features that are included with the update are International cities are now included in Weather. Spanish and French users will be pleased to know that the tablet supports those languages now, and for folks who had issues with the tablet’s battery life, there is an Energy saving screen lock which should help alleviate problems.

If you haven’t updated your gTablet yet, the notification for you to update your should pop up after your next reboot. It won’t format your tablet, so don’t worry, but backup your files just to be extra safe. Let us know how the update works out for you.

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