ViewSonic Unveils New Elite Gaming Monitors

#CES2019 – When it comes to choosing monitors, there are monitors created for photo editing, video editing, gaming, and so on, with each monitor sporting different features that cater to different needs. Now if you’re a gamer who is in need of a gaming monitor, then you might be interested in ViewSonic’s latest monitors.

ViewSonic Unveils XG Series Of Gaming Monitors

[CES 2016] With so many monitors to choose from, it certainly feels like consumers are spoilt for choice these days. Now if you are after a monitor specifically for gaming, then you might be interested to learn that ViewSonic has recently announced their XG series of monitors that have been designed for gaming.These monitors come in the form of the XG2703-GS, which is a 27-inch monitor with an IPS display […]

Dual-Booting ViewSonic ViewPad 10i Now Available For $530

When it comes to dual-booting tablets, ViewSonic is no stranger to the scene. In fact back in 2011, ViewSonic had the ViewPad 10 which ran both Android and Windows 7, and perhaps looking to be a bit more relevant, ViewSonic has released the ViewPad 10i which has since made its way online where it is priced at $530 and is available for purchase. So for those who are looking for […]

ViewSonic Announces 24″ VSD241 Smart Display

We’ve heard of smartphones, smart TVs, smartwatches, but smart displays? Granted this isn’t exactly new but it’s not one that we regularly come across but that is exactly what display manufacturer, ViewSonic, has recently announced. The company has recently announced their second-generation smart display which comes in the form of the VSD241 and is a 24” monitor that comes with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean with an NVIDA Tegra 3 quad-core […]


ViewSonic Debuts 10-Point Windows 8 Certified Touch TD40 Display Series

ViewSonic intends to deliver a new range of displays for business customers, where these new displays would arrive in the form of the TD2740 and TD3240. The former would be a 27” display which targets both consumer and commercial markets, while it has a larger 32″ TD3240 that was specially designed for interactive digital signage applications.Thanks to the inclusion of 10-point projected capacitive touch technology, both of these Full HD […]

ViewSonic PJD8 Series Projectors Deliver Dual Pen Interactivity and Advanced Connectivity Technology

ViewSonic does not only roll out monitors and TVs that hit the sweet spot in your bank account without breaking it, they are also involved in other aspects of the imaging business, and ultra-short throw networked projectors are another revenue earner for the company. In fact, ViewSonic has just announced their latest PJD8 series that will come with a wide range of features including dual pen interactivity and advanced connectivity […]

ViewSonic Projector Range Gets Updated With Networkable Models

ViewSonic does not only churn out monitors, you know, as we now have word that they will be introducing revamped projectors to keep up with the times as part of the PJD5, PJD6 and PJD7 series. The PJD7 Series will obviously be on the high end side of things, where it will comprise of the new XGA PJD7333 and WXGAPJD7533w. These will target both business and education users by offering […]

ViewSonic VSD240 24” Smart Display With Android 4.1 [Video]

[CES 2013] At Ubergizmo, we have been writing for a while about our hope to see more products running Android besides smartphones and tablets, and it looks like 2013 will bring its share of new smart Android devices. Following the launch of the previous  model, the VSD220, an Android-powered 22” display, ViewSonic is coming to CES with a new 24” dual point touch display that runs Android JellyBean 4.1.

ViewSonic Unveils 23-inch, 27-inch, 32-inch Windows 8 Touch Displays

We are at CES 2013, and ViewSonic has just unveiled three of its latest touch displays running Windows 8 OS. Enter ViewSonic’s TD 40 Series, which includes the 23-inch TD2340, the 27-inch TD2740, and the 32-inch TD3240. The TD 40 Series is all about interactivity, and they come with a 10-point projected capacitive touch technology that offers a good touch experience to its customers.

ViewSonic 84-inch 4K Ultra HD Display Previewed At CES 2013

ViewSonic will take the opportunity to preview the 84-inch 4K Ultra HD display when CES 2013 kicks off next week, and of course, just in case you feel that you will not be able to afford such an expensive display by the time it arrives at a store near you, there is always a cheaper alternative, which would be the 32” version of the Ultra HD display. Just like how […]

ViewSonic unveils 27″ VP2770-LED monitor for professionals

If you work in the photography, architectural or computer engineering industry, it looks like ViewSonic has a new 27” monitor for you. Then again it’s just a monitor so we expect that anyone looking for a 27” monitor with a high resolution, the ViewSonic VP2770-LED should do the trick as well, although its retail price of $799 might put some off.

ViewSonic E100 Android 4.0 tablet now available for $300

Earlier this year at MWC 2012, ViewSonic introduced the E100 Android tablet (amongst other things) and if the device managed to catch your attention, you’ll be pleased to learn that you will now be able to get your hands on it for a price of $300. So what will you be getting for your money? In case you missed the coverage at MWC 2012 earlier this year in February, the […]

It’s a TV, no – it’s a monitor, no, it’s a 22″ ViewSonic tablet!

Just where do you draw the line between a smartphone and a tablet? I guess that line was blurred a long time ago by Samsung with the release of their Samsung Galaxy Note, coning the term “phablet” in the process, which obviously is an amalgamation of “phone” and “tablet”. Well, here we are with something which is very different – a 22″ display that might fool some into thinking that […]

ViewSonic announces 24″ VX2460H monitor

If you’re in the market for a new monitor, ViewSonic has recently announced the VX2460H LED monitor. Featuring a thinness of 6.8mm, the VX2460H should make for a great space saver; either that or it will look good with the rest of your minimalistic home decor. The monitor will be 24” in size and features a 23.6” TN panel of 1080p Full HD resolution. It boasts a response time of […]