Fujitsu of Japan has already rolled out their 10.1″ LifeBook TH40/D tablet PC that will run on Windows 7 – in the Land of the Rising Sun, the US and Europe, and according to Fujitsu Taiwan, the company has every intention to deliver a smaller, 7″ model that will run on the Android operating system sometime in Q3 this year. What you see above, of course, is the 10.1″ model, but from there, you can more or less get a semblance of the idea on just what the smaller sibling would look like if Fujitsu follows tradition. 

The 7″ model will target the enterprise market, where it is speculated to run on the Android 3.1 Honeycomb operating system (the latest), retailing anywhere from $347 to $694 as the final price is not yet confirmed. Fujitsu did not reveal any details on who will be producing this little piggy.

Similar to the 10.1″ LifeBook TH40/D, Fujitsu wants to include a stylus and a 3.5G module when it finally rolls off the production line.

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