For those of you who think that you are more or less maxing out your data usage on the smartphone or iPad, and wish that something (positive) could be done about the situation, fret not – there is help coming your way. We are talking about an app known as Onavo, where it will be made available on both the iPhone and iPad platforms, double or perhaps even triple your data plan. How does it do that? No, it will not deploy a secret ninja to your mobile carrier’s headquarters and hold a knife to their top exec’s neck so that you can blackmail the company into giving you more leeway, but rather, it will go about compressing most of the data that you consume during Web surfing or when using apps. 

Onavo claims that it is capable of compressing e-mails by as much as 80% to 90%, not to mention compressing web pages, app data and Google maps. The only medium that it rules out at the moment is video, so don’t get too mouse-happy with YouTube just yet, you hear?

Since every byte counts, Onavo’s intervention and appearance on the market could not come at a timelier moment. The service will remain free at the moment, but paid plans are in the pipeline sometime down the road – you might as well take advantage of it now then!

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