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Adobe Voice, Storytelling App for iPad
For quite some time, Adobe has made many efforts to offer mainstream users easy-to-use creative tools such as Photoshop Element and the Touch Apps. If you are unfamiliar with Adobe Touch Apps, it is an image editing app suite specifically designed for touch displays, for Smartphones or tablets.Knowing that video is the key driver for online audience, with YouTube making almost 20% of the internet traffic, the company developed a […]

Tactilize: Create and Share Visual Cards from the iPad
Tactilize was introduced back in September at TC 50 and it was globally released as a public beta in December 2012. This cool (and free) application allows anyone to create compelling interactive visual “cards” with a mix of photos, text, videos and links directly from the iPad or the desktop browser.Tactilize 3.0will launch soon in the App store, the new version will feature a brand new user interface, full profile […]

iPad sees full flight action
We did cover the story of American Airlines being given the nod of approval by the FCC to use an iPad app instead of having pilots deal with paper navigation charts earlier this year, and now the FAA has expanded the use of iPads for American Airlines pilots, by letting them use the iPad 2 in all aspects of a commercial flight. This move will see a reduction of 40 […]

Vudu iPad app has iTunes in its sights
Walmart has Apple’s iTunes in its crosshair – today, the retail giant will be rolling out an iPad app for its Vudu online video purchase and rental service, citing, “We’re committed to offering the VUDU experience on as many devices as possible so customers can shop for and access their favorite movies and TV shows however they want, whenever they want.” This degree of freedom offered by Walmart now might […]


Facebook iPad app stashed within Facebook iPhone app
It seems that the recursive nature of programming has also spilled over to the world of Facebook – as the iPad app for the social network has been revealed to be hidden inside, of all places, the Facebook iPhone app. It does make us wonder why Facebook has yet to develop an iPad app since the Apple tablet has done phenomenally well worldwide, and since they have already rolled out […]

American Airlines use iPad app instead of paper navigation charts
American Airlines is certainly down with tablet fever, where they recently started to put Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets as part of the package for their First and Business Class passengers, where those tablets will be able to tap into the inflight Wi-Fi service. Passengers aren’t the only ones who will be able “play” around with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 though, since pilots will also be able to have their […]

App optimizes data caps for smartphone
For those of you who think that you are more or less maxing out your data usage on the smartphone or iPad, and wish that something (positive) could be done about the situation, fret not – there is help coming your way. We are talking about an app known as Onavo, where it will be made available on both the iPhone and iPad platforms, double or perhaps even triple your […]

Logitech Alert App for iPad Released
Logitech is mostly known for its computer webcams, but the company also has a line of home security cameras called Logitech Alert. It has just been supplemented with the Logitech Alert iPad app. The application is designed to see what’s going on in a home or office, from an Internet access – and an iPad. If you’ve missed the action in real-time, it is also possible to look at video […]

Fotopedia Paris: a Visual Virtual Tour of Paris for iPhone
Fotopedia Paris Tour selectionFotopedia, the collaborative photographic encyclopedia, launched Fotopedia Paris, an app that lets users visually discover Paris on their iPhone or iPad. Using a large collection of 4,000 stunning photographs taken by thousands of photographers from around the world, Fotopedia offers as many virtual tour as you want, whether you are interested in art, architecture, history, castles, café, fashion, shopping or street life. I tested Fotopedia Paris briefly, […]

Skyfire for iPad now available for $4.99
Skyfire has made a name for itself by offering Flash to places where this plug-in does not work on the normal plane of existence. While an iPhone and iPod touch Skyfire app is already available, how about those who own iPads? Skyfire for the iPad is now officially available, although it will set you back by $4.99 a pop. Guess Apple has finally given their nod of approval for this […]

Navigon MobileNavigator app customized for iPad
The Navigon MobileNavigator app has just been announced to be customized for the iPad in its latest version, 1.7. Apart from the long awaited universal iPad integration, other features such as Zagat Survey, Active Lane Assistant, Map Reporter, enhanced Retina Display support and new user notifications have been thrown into the mix as well. There will also be a range of free single-feature apps for the iPhone come next year, […]

The Guardian Pulling Its iPad App In Favor Of A New Subscription-based App
Did the folks over at The Guardian paper accidentally let loose some details on Apple’s upcoming subscription service for digital magazines? The publication announced that it will be removing its current app from the App Store and replace it with a new subscription-based app that will cost GBP2.99 ($4.5) for six months and GBP3.99 ($6) for 12 months. The Guardian will also have an ad-supported version released in the US […]

Magic Fiddle iPad App Turns Your iPad Into A Violin
Smule, the creator of the popular Magic Piano iPad app has now come up with a Magic Fiddle app for iPad users, allowing users to try playing the fiddle with the iPad. One of the stranger aspects of this iPad game is that you’re supposed to rest your chin on it too, similar to how you’d play a real fiddle. Now how often are you required to put your chin on […]

V12c Financial Calculator app hits the iPad
Love to crunch numbers? It shouldn’t come as a surprise to us then that you who own an iPad would also probably have sniffed down this V12c Financial Calculator app already. Apparently meant to make those with a penchant for numbers love their iPad even more, the V12c Financial Calculator for the iPad is touted to be a powerful emulator of the HP 12c Financial Calculator. Same in virtually every […]