Who would have thought that the iPad could actually come with a couple of Apple connector ports? That’s what we were told with an unused iPad design in a patent that shows off Wi-Fi as well as 3G connectivity, alongside an additional connector port for landscape connectivity. The whole idea for this auxiliary connector port would be to allow you to place the iPad in a dedicated landscape dock – not only that, it will also dock in portrait mode and simultaneously synchronize using both ports. Interesting, no? More in the extended post to satisfy your curiosity.

Of course, while this idea is being toyed around with, it might never make an appearance in a future iPad model. We do suspect that the majority of iPad owners would secretly wish that more connector ports are always better, but Apple might just take a different route down the road and look towards wireless charging and syncing.

That my friends, would do away with the need for any connector port – unless, of course, you don’t mind having a backup just in case the wireless bit fails when it comes to charging and sending data all over the place.

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