Future iPhones Could Feature Invisible Buttons, Sliders

We spotted a concept of the iPhone 6 last month that imagined a device without its iconic Home button, which looks like Apple may be considering if a recently published patent is any indication of the company’s future plans. The patent dubbed “Disappearing button or slider” describes an iPhone that could come with “invisible” buttons and controls that blend into the device when they aren’t in use, to fully appear when […]

Apple Patent Wants To Use Your iPhone To Help Find, Start Your Vehicle

If you’re the kind of person who can’t seem to find your way back to your car on a regular basis, then we’re sure you’ve downloaded an app or two that helps you find your vehicle, especially after a long night of drinking. But a new Apple patent may hint at a future where your iPhone can not only help find your car without the need for a third-party application, but […]

Apple Patent Connects iPhone To Mac Automatically Through Proximity System

If you transfer music or any other data to your iOS device from your Mac, you’ll know just how handy Apple’s introduction of syncing over Wi-Fi became shortly after it was introduced as having your iOS device connected to your computer in order to initiate updates was an extremely tedious task. A newly discovered Apple patent may take this process to an entirely different level as it may be possible […]

Apple Patent Hints At Their Own Version Of Google Street View

You would think after what Apple went through with its Maps application which was released on iOS 6, they would try to copy Google a lot less considering how much everyone, even Apple themselves , hated the results. But it looks as though they may be following in Google’s footsteps as a new patent was filed by Apple showing something that looks a lot like Google Street View. Apple’s “3D Position Tracking […]


Apple Patent Suggests Image Identification Security Measure On iOS, Mac

A new Apple patent application has been uncovered that could make it possible for iOS and Mac users to authenticate their identity without requiring the use passcodes, third-party software or blood samples in order to unlock their Apple product. According to the patent, the user would be able to unlock their iOS device and Mac through image identification. The system would display an image to the user from their iPhoto […]

Solar-Powered iPhone Highlighted In Apple Patent

Another day, another Apple patent approved which may give us a glimpse into the future of their devices. Yesterday, we stumbled onto a patent which would allow Apple to equip its future iPads with a laser keyboard, which we’ve seen concepts for in the past. Today, a new patent has revealed Apple may be thinking of the battery of the iPhone’s future, seeing how they can only fit so much battery into […]

Apple MacBook Air patent could threaten Ultrabook makers

It looks like OEMs which create Ultrabook computers could be in hot soup in the future. According to reports online, the US Patent and Trademark Office has granted Apple the rights to the design of the latest version of the MacBook Air. How does this affect other PC makers, you ask? Well, judging by the diagram provided (image above) you can see why – it pretty much looks like any […]

Apple patents colorful carbon fiber technology

What’s a week without news about a new Apple patent right? Well, here’s one for you this week. The folks at Apple Insider have discovered a patent application from Apple, titled “Composite Laminate having an Improved Cosmetic Surface and Method of Making Same.” Despite its confusing-sounding name, the patent simply describes a composite laminate placed over the frame of a device, including a “scrim layer” which allows a product like […]

Apple patent does away with fingerprint smudges

You know when Apple’s iPhone popularized the touchscreen medium of interacting with your smartphone, there was just one big problem – that of fingerprint smudges being left behind, even more pronounced when you have been indulging in some greasy pizza for your dinner. Well, having a handkerchief or a sheet of tissue handy is always welcome to get rid of those fingerprints, but Apple might have something even better up […]

Apple concept paves the way for partial media synchronization

In a patent that was filed by Apple in 2009 (albeit taking a couple of years to be published), touched on the topic of a “partial” media sync system. The idea would bridge a gap between keeping all content locally and complete dependence on streaming – acheiving a delicate balance in the process. Just to get a better idea on how things will work out, imagine iTunes users stashing away […]

Apple patent shows off two Apple connector ports in unused iPad design

Who would have thought that the iPad could actually come with a couple of Apple connector ports? That’s what we were told with an unused iPad design in a patent that shows off Wi-Fi as well as 3G connectivity, alongside an additional connector port for landscape connectivity. The whole idea for this auxiliary connector port would be to allow you to place the iPad in a dedicated landscape dock – […]

Apple picks up two more patents for future iPhone improvement

Apple has been awarded another two patents that might just see the light of day in current as well as future iPhone handsets in ways that are different, be they big or small. One of the patents will formalize a method of wireless activation which would enable consumers to activate handsets that are tied down to different carriers in addition to reducing the need for SIM cards, while the other […]

Apple working on hybrid laser projection display

Apple has had its fair share of patent applications in the past that point towards the use of projectors, although it is safe to say that most, if not all of them, have remained at that stage without actually making it to a real world device to date. Well, it seems that such patents will not come to an end just yet, as Apple is currently thinking over whether to […]

Apple patent points toward new hybrid e-paper display

There was a US patent which showed up recently from Apple, where the fruity company from Cupertino could be working on a possible breakthrough in display technology that might just see action n future iPads and iPhones. Known as “Systems and Methods for Switching Between an Electronic Paper Display and a Video Display” it will place both e-paper and regular display technology on the same screen – now how about […]