The iPad 2 might have taken the world by storm where tablet devices are concerned, but that does not mean you want to be like the rest of the iPad 2 loving crowd, do you? You have, after all, been taught to stand out from the rest, being the star – so what better way to do so than letting coloring experts Colorware take up the task to make sure your iPad 2 is fully customized to mix and match various colors for three parts of your iPad 2, including the back panel, Apple logo and the home screen button. 
There are 21 colors to choose from, not to mention additional headache when it comes to the amount of metallic hues and shades for you to ogle over. Apart from that, you are also able to select the type of finish that the custom paint will boast of – we are talking about gloss, original or softtouch.
In these economically pressing times, it makes perfect sense if you were to watch where you money goes, and pricing for the levels of customization depends on whether you are going to send in your own iPad 2 to Colorware, or purchase a custom painted new model from them outright, where the latter option is going to cost an arm and a leg with the Wi-Fi version going for $900, while the 3G and Wi-Fi model will retail for $1,100. For those who prefer to send their own iPad 2, it will cost you a flat $500.

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