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Limited Edition 24k Xbox One Pearl Featured
It looks like having a vanilla console is not enough for some folks these days, so much so that they love to stand apart and out from the rest of the crowd with a rather ostentatious display of their wealth. Having said that, if you do not yet happen to own an Xbox One, and would like to do so – while separating yourself from the masses, then this Limited […]

ColorWare’s 24k Gold Plated Gaming Controllers All Sold Out
When it comes to coloring your particular device or mobile gadget in the way that you would want it to, then there is no company better than ColorWare – or at least that most folks are aware of, in delivering a custom paint job which would make you look good. Well, ColorWare did introduce a limited run of the 24k gold-plated controllers for the PlayStation 4 from Sony as well […]

ColorWare Introduces Beats Solo² Headphones
The folks over at ColorWare are famous for coming up with custom paint jobs that look extremely professional, ensuring that the piece of consumer electronics device sitting in your hands or in the middle of the living room will be very unique, and not likely seen elsewhere, too. This time around, ColorWare will offer the Beats Solo² headphones, where the pair of headphones itself is comfortable to wear for long […]

ColorWare Launches Lineup Of Customized Xbox One Consoles
The Xbox One was launched in a black finish, although lucky Microsoft employees managed to get their hands on a white version, and let’s not forget the gold plated Xbox One that has been making its rounds as well. Well if you’re looking to get an Xbox One but in a different color that isn’t black, you might be interested to learn that ColorWare has announced that they have launched […]


Colorware Will Make Your iPhone 5 Uglier for a Mere $1700
Every time a hot new gadget comes out, Colorware vomits its candy-colored paint all over it and charges a huge markup because of it. They must be making a lot of money per paintjob, because even though I see lots of gadgets on the streets, I never see any Colorware products, yet they still produce them. The latest victim? Apple’s “jewel” of a smartphone, which now comes in hundreds of customizable […]

ColorWare offers custom Sennheiser microphones
ColorWare is famous for taking in an existing gadget and doing a fantastic job of splashing a new coat of paint all over in a professional manner, making said device look just like new. Well, ColorWare’s most recent collaboration would be to work alongside Sennheiser, offering users the option to create colorful, custom painted microphones in order to suit your style. These microphones that will be colored are the Sennheiser […]

ColorWare Skullcandy Mix Master headphones get color customization
Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd – at least, nearly everyone, although there will definitely be pockets of folks here and there who do not mind being part of the crowd, flowing with whatever life throws their way. Well, ColorWare, the masters of color customization for a plethora of consumer electronics devices (the mobile, portable ones are its best friends), is back – and if you happen to […]

ColorWare offering custom designs for iPhone 4S
If the standard iPhone 4S case doesn’t do it for you due to you unable to find a nice design, or you prefer not adding extra bulk, but whatever your reason, custom-colored Apple products designer, ColorWare, has now added the iPhone 4S to its list of devices. As pictured above, you will be able to add splashes of color to your brand new iPhone 4S including the earbuds that come […]

Colorware sets its sights on the iPad 2
The iPad 2 might have taken the world by storm where tablet devices are concerned, but that does not mean you want to be like the rest of the iPad 2 loving crowd, do you? You have, after all, been taught to stand out from the rest, being the star – so what better way to do so than letting coloring experts Colorware take up the task to make sure […]

ColorWare Customizes Apple's Latest MacBook Air
Apple’s ultrathin MacBook Air is a beautiful notebook, but as it becomes increasingly popular, you might notice that it’s not as cool as more folks have the same thing as you. With that in mind, the folks over at ColorWare are at it again, this time offering to customize your 11.6-inch or 13-inch MacBook Air. You’ll need to shell out at least $1,850 in order to get one of these […]

ColorWare Now Customizes The Fourth-generation iPod touch
What can we say about ColorWare? The color customization company doesn’t let too many cool devices out of its sight, and next up Apple’s fourth-generation iPod touch has received the color treatment too, allowing you to pick your colors and make a unique-looking iPod touch. As usual, it’s not cheap, and will set you back $150 if you provide your own iPod touch, or you can shell out $380 for […]

Colorware Customizes Your BlackBerry Pearl 3G And Flip UltraHD
Think that your BlackBerry Pearl 3G or Flip UltraHD are looking quite boring especially since your friends have the same device? The folks over at Colorware are here to offer you a solution again, provided you have enough money. Colorware is now able to customize the colors of your Pearl 3G and Flip UltraHD, with the former starting at $165 and the latter starting at $50. You’ll be able to […]

Colorware Customizes The New Xbox 360
We’ve seen the many wonders that the folks over at Colorware can do to the colors of your gadget, and now they’re bringing their expertise to Microsoft’s latest Xbox 360, offering you many custom color options. You can send in your Xbox 360 to be customized for $175, or you can buy the console directly from them with the customizations done for $500. Are you willing to fork out the […]

BlackBerry Bold 9650 Gets The ColorWare Treatment
Think that your shiny new BlackBerry Bold 9650 is beginning to look just like everybody else’s out there? While you can’t add any new features to the cell phone, the folks over at ColorWare can help you customize its colors to make it stand out, and hopefully you won’t pick the same color scheme as everybody else out there. You’ll also need to lighten your wallet by a good $150 […]