The recent hacks that attacked Sony nearly a month back, taking down the PlayStation Network (PSN) and Sony Online Entertainment for a good three weeks or so surely raised the ire of many users who were so used to seeing their home console work without any problems beforehand. Never mind that an olive branch was extended – the hurts are still there, and wounds take time to heal, not to mention leave scars. Just when we thought the scab was about to fall off, F-Secure, a security firm, has reported that a Web server which hosts Sony’s Thai site has been compromised, where it is now being used to host a phishing site (as seen above) which targets customers of an Italian credit card company.

This is different from the PSN and SOE break-ins, as there does not seem to be as serious as the previous two, and it more or less ought to be restricted to a relatively unimportant Web server that which hopefully, is unable to access sensitive customer information.

Why do you think Sony is the target of hackers? The company really ought to give their security measures a thorough combing through, and the previous happenings were part of the risk that comes associated with an open system. Perhaps the next time around, Sony might think otherwise.

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