Someone reported of getting ripped off when he chanced upon a nigh affordable Nintendo DS Lite over at eBay. Upon opening the package after a gruelling two week wait, he was grossly disappointed – alarm bells were ringing even before he opened the box since it did not feel as though it was standard Nintendo packaging as the corrugated cardboard box used was a dead giveaway. Upon turning the box to the back, even more visual clues gave the game away, with curiously pixellated English text.

Opening the package confirmed that this was a complete fake, but surprisingly enough, it still ran DS and GBA games in their respective slots. On the surface lay several tiny pockmarks, which fall short Nintendo’s high quality assurance standards. As for the inner bezel across both displays, they seem discolored at the edges, while the rubber pads on the interior of the upper display do not sit flush with the faceplate. 

One of the major flaws would be the misaligned silkscreening on the back, sporting a slightly skewed, off-center angle. There are also issues with the Slot 2, as it requires quite a fair bit of coaxing before your GBA cart can fit in there. Never mind if you’ve got bootleg or original titles, they will still boot up properly, and the sight not no dead pixels? That’s a plus point. One of the better fakes around, that’s for sure!

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