Seeing shops open up in parts of Asia that borrow the name of popular U.S. manufacturers is nothing new as we’ve seen this kind of stuff pop up in the past, but today, we see a “Facebook Store” has been opened up in Myanmar.

The Facebook Fashion store is located in Yangon, which is Myanmar’s largest city, and, as you could see by its sign, is a wholesale / retailer. The shop’s sign, shopping bags and price tags all borrow from the popular social media sites’ colors, logo and color scheme. The Facebook Fashion’s shopping bag describes the store as it offering the “best quality with fair price.” Upon closer inspection of the clothing’s price tags, it looks as though all of the merchandise was made in Thailand.

When an employee of the store was asked why the store shared the same name as the easily-recognizable social network, they responded by saying, “I don’t know.” Either way, we’re sure the store is out of the grasp of Facebook to do anything about, so if you enjoy Facebook so much that you would trust it with your fashion sense, then be sure to give the Facebook Fashion store a visit the next time you’re in Myanmar.

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