[CES 2012] Judging by how well tablets are doing these days, do expect to see the potential problem of counterfeit tablets and Kindles make their way to the market post-CES. Anti-counterfeiting vendor OpSec Security claims that there is already a rather lengthy list for counterfeit Motorola Xooms, Samsung Galaxy Tabs and Amazon Kindles making their around online, and continued by sharing that “E-commerce sites like Alibaba, DHgate, EC21, Made-in-China and TradeKey often provide anonymous yet attractive venues for counterfeiters to sell illicit goods in bulk at suspiciously low prices. Given the number of new tablet technologies projected to debut at CES, it’s likely we will see an uptick in counterfeit tablets within weeks of the show.”

Of course, it will take a trained eye to tell the difference between a counterfeit product and the original, but do expect many of the efforts to be laughable at best. The general rule of thumb is this – if it is too cheap, then it is too good to be true. Some of the listings are hilarious to check out when you realize that the build quality is so far removed from the original, although this “9.7 Xoom Tablet PC” does seem to be a rather decent attempt. All in all, just purchase it from an authorized dealer or the company itself and you will not go wrong.

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