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ATMs In China Circulate Fake Money
China might be known as the world’s supermarket to some, and while their quality control has improved by leaps and bounds over the years, there are still kinks in their manufacturing process that pushes them to the forefront with undesirable news – such as poisonous ingredients used in baby formula and the like. For a fair number of years, if you have always wanted to get bootleg products, China is […]

Fake 'Facebook Fashion' Store Opens In Myanmar
Seeing shops open up in parts of Asia that borrow the name of popular U.S. manufacturers is nothing new as we’ve seen this kind of stuff pop up in the past, but today, we see a “Facebook Store” has been opened up in Myanmar.The Facebook Fashion store is located in Yangon, which is Myanmar’s largest city, and, as you could see by its sign, is a wholesale / retailer. The […]

Fake iPad 5 has 4G connectivity
Wait a minute here – am I missing something, or do the folks at Laos hail from the future? Otherwise, how else can you explain an iPad 5 that has 4G connectivity built in? Yes sir, Laos and their neighbors in South East Asia are noted for churning out counterfeit goods, and with all things Apple being so popular in recent times, it makes perfect sense to milk this particular […]

Fake tablets deluge coming your way?
[CES 2012] Judging by how well tablets are doing these days, do expect to see the potential problem of counterfeit tablets and Kindles make their way to the market post-CES. Anti-counterfeiting vendor OpSec Security claims that there is already a rather lengthy list for counterfeit Motorola Xooms, Samsung Galaxy Tabs and Amazon Kindles making their around online, and continued by sharing that “E-commerce sites like Alibaba, DHgate, EC21, Made-in-China and […]


Nokia Lumia 601 leaked, is it for real?
It appears that the good folks down at PocketNow have managed to get their hands on what appears to be the Nokia Lumia 601. If you’re wondering why the image above looks so familiar, it’s because it’s the same image that popped up in a Nokia ad not too long ago. The phone in that ad was thought to be the Nokia 900, but PocketNow is saying that it is […]

Gooapple V5 caught on video
Remember the Gooapple 3G – the iPhone 4 knock-off than ran on Android instead of iOS? Well, the folks over at Gooapple have decided to release  an update of that phone. This time around it’s called the V5 and features some improvements over its predecessor. The V5 has a retina display (3.5″ 960 x 640 screen), runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread (yes, it’s still customized to look like iOS), shoots […]

Knockoff Nokia N9 spotted in China
Wait, when did China get their hands on the Nokia N9? Nope, if you thought that was the Nokia N9, you can’t be blamed as it does look rather convincing upon first glance, especially with that garish magenta, which is one of the colors available for the actual Nokia N9 (along with black and turquoise).

Fake iPhone ring busted by Chinese police
It looks like the long arm of the law has finally caught up with China’s counterfeit iPhone outfit, with five suspects being arrested in Shanghai’s finest. The five were accused of being part of a complex iPhone counterfeiting outfit which actually relied on genuine parts in order to construct and sell fake iPhones to the unsuspecting masses (or those who cannot resist a deal that is too good to be […]

Fake Steve Jobs biography on sale in Taiwan
It looks like the Chinese aren’t good for only selling imitation smartphones and tablets – according to reports online, they’re even getting away with creating fake books now. The official Steve Jobs biography is set to be released later this year, but if you wander the bookstores in Taiwan now, you’ll be able to pick one up for about $8 – albeit it won’t be the real deal, though that […]

What it's like to buy a fake iPhone 5 in China
Ever wanted to know what it’s like to purchase a Shanzai’d phone in China? Well somebody decided to catch the whole phone buying experience in Shenyang, China and uploaded it to YouTube. The phone we have in question is an “iPhone 5” knockoff. As you can see from the video, the phone vendor is an enthusiastic girl who seems pretty familiar with the phone, selling the phone like it was […]

Leaked Samsung roadmap fake?
Yesterday, a Lithuanian site was believed to have discovered Samsung’s roadmap for 2011 which pointed out a number of exciting devices that will be arriving later this year, including some new Bada 2.0 phones, and a new high-end Samsung device that packs a full HD (1280 x 720) resolution display. Other devices leaked include a new 7″ tablet that is said to replace the original Samsung Galaxy Tab.

iPhone 5 unboxing is a fake
You know just how mentioning “iPhone 5” alone is going to cause a flurry of activity these days, since said smartphone is getting closer and closer to its release date which has been touted by some to be as early as September. In the mean time, we have had our fair share of fakes like the hiPhone 5, as well as the fake iPhone 5 website – so why not […]

Another 22 fake Apple Stores in China discovered
We do know that Apple has already begun proceedings against fake Apple Stores in China, and their cause is further aided by authorities in China’s southwestern city of Kunming have managed to pinpoint yet another 22 unauthorized Apple Stores. Nice to see their investigative work bearing fruit after weeks of discovering a fake Apple Store which looked so real, it even fooled the employees into thinking that they were actually […]

iPhone 5 website leaked, confirmed to be fake
It seems that one of the hottest videos on YouTube at the moment would be that of the iPhone 5 website which has proven to be fake via some rather glaring errors, but before you dismiss this, why not just check out the video after the jump to see the amount of effort that went into it? The purported iPhone 5 shows a larger display albeit at 960 x 640 […]