Google VoiceWhen Google Voice and Sprint’s integration launched earlier this week, a lot of folks were happy with the functionality they got without having to change their Sprint numbers (some were happy they could change it) but a whole bunch of users were stuck, unable to use the service or even get it to work they way they wanted it to. A whole bunch of people complained, and the folks over at engadget came in to save the day, compiling a list of problems and contacting Google about the problem since nobody was responding in the forums.

Well today, Google and Sprint have spoken up about the issue mentioning that they were hard at work fixing those problems. A whole bunch of problems have been fixed, with others still being rectified. They’ve mentioned that the whole voicemail intrusion is no longer a problem. Folks who were using the service and then found it disabled for them can get it working again by calling Sprint up for support, and the same thing goes for international calls not being processed through Google Voice.

As for users on personal accounts with corporate discounts – you’ll have to wait a bit longer for a resolution which should be here mid-May. It looks like Google and Sprint haven’t been lazing about and are trying to get things working at 100% as soon as they can. So for those of you who haven’t activated your Sprint-Google Voice account yet, it is recommended you wait it out until the issues have been completely ironed out.

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