Did you purchase a PlayStation Move only to start worrying after the initial launch that there weren’t going to be any hardcore games coming out? Sega’s giving PlayStation Move a big boost with House of the Dead: Overkill – Extended Cut. Wii gamers will shrug at this Overkill remake and move along, as this game originally came out over two years ago. But for PS3 gamers, there’s a a lot of reasons to pick this game up.

Overkill isn’t a straight up port; PS3 gamers will be treated with high definition graphics, 3D support, new scenarios and Trophy support. As a person who’s played the Wii version of Overkill, I cant attest that this game is rated M for very good reason: there’s a lot of swearing and f-bombs from the two main characters.

Sega didn’t mention any Sharp Shooter support, but if the final build does end up with it, we can only imagine the game will feel even more realistic. Watch out for OverkillExtended Cut to drop on PS3 on October 25 in the U.S. and October 28 in Europe.

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