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Microsoft's secretly been updating Kinect's accuracy
We knew something felt different at E3 when we bopped around swinging our arms and legs in various Kinect game demos, but we couldn’t quite pinpoint it. Sure enough, Microsoft’s Xbox senior product manager David Dennis has let it be known that Microsoft’s implemented better accuracy improvements to the Kinect since its launch via software updates.Kinect Fun Labs is one example where more accurate motion tracking is important. Dennis says […]

House of the Dead: Overkill coming to PS3 with Move support
Did you purchase a PlayStation Move only to start worrying after the initial launch that there weren’t going to be any hardcore games coming out? Sega’s giving PlayStation Move a big boost with House of the Dead: Overkill – Extended Cut. Wii gamers will shrug at this Overkill remake and move along, as this game originally came out over two years ago. But for PS3 gamers, there’s a a lot […]

iSec is a Kinect clone for Chinese gamers
Make way for the iSec, formerly known as the eBox, still a clone of Kinect and still made by Lenovo. What is an iSec? A “Sec” is short for “Sports Entertainment Center” which strongly suggests the console will be sold with a Wii Sports or Kinect Sports clone equivalent. Just like Kinect, the iSec is a controller-less console that uses camera sensors to track and translate a player’s body movements […]

Sony: Nintendo 3DS is for kids, Xbox 360's DVDs not enough
It’s just another day in the world and Sony is once again shooting its beak off. This time in an interview with Fortune, Sony Computer Entertainment of America president Jack Tretton sounds off on what he thinks about the PlayStation 3 and NGP‘s direct competition. Speaking on the Xbox 360, Tretton says that Microsoft’s console is using outdated tech with its games stored on DVDs as opposed to the larger-sized […]


Kinect turns Google's Gmail Motion April Fools joke into reality
Yesterday, Gmail users woke up to see Google’s exciting new Gmail Motion web mail. In Google’s demo video, it showed a webcam that could recognize body motions and hand gestures to trigger actions in Gmail. In my opinion, it sounded like a great idea. In reality, it was only an April Fools’ Day gag by the cunning jokesters at Google. Less than 24 hours later, a bunch of researchers who […]

Kinect Used to Teach Kids in South Africa
Microsoft’s Kinect is taking the world by storm. Not only have 10 million Kinect’s been sold, but its also gained a slew of unofficial hacks that move it beyond a gaming peripheral. Take for example, Microsoft’s new trial at the Lakeside Park Primary school in Vyrheid, South Africa that is using Kinect to stimulate and encourage school kids to learn English by engaging them in motion-controlled games. The trial is […]

Rumor: Forza 4 for Xbox 360 Will Have Kinect Support and Awesome Graphics
Since the launch of Kinect for the Xbox 360 back in November, there’s been a lack of “hardcore” games that take advantage of the sensor’s motion tracking controls. Games like Kinectimals and Kinect Sports are fun, but they’re not for serious gamers. If a new marketing survey for Forza Motorsport 4 is any indication of what is to come for the racing series, then gamers might finally have a game that […]

PS3 Motion Sensing Controller To Debut at E3? (Rumor)
Not actual photo of the deviceThis is potentially very hot: Sony is said to be launching a motion sensing controller at E3, a device that would effectively open the floodgates of Wii-like games. When combined with the PS3’s superior graphics power, this is a combination that could inflict some serious damage on the Wii in the long term.Sony Motion Sensing controller is said to be more accurate than the Wii […]