When it comes to the world of hybrid vehicles, we can safely assume that Toyota is clearly the market leader with their Prius. The Prius does seem to be the perfect choice for a family car that also helps you save in the long run (not only for your kids’ college fund, but the environment as well) since it boasts of a hybrid engine. Of course, if you were to compare it to a true blue electric car, then the electric car needs no gas at all, but driving range might be a problem once you go beyond 100 miles. Hyundai Motor, on the other hand, is a relatively new name to the hybrid scene as the South Korean automotive giant has yet to throw its hat into the US ring – but they have just announced that this situation will change in 2013, where the company will be rolling out a plug-in hybrid in an attempt to usurp the Prius when 2013 turns around.

According to an official from Hyundai Motor, “We plan to launch a plug-in hybrid model which is in the same segment as Prius in 2013.” That’s fine and dandy, but could you furnish us with more details please? Hopefully the design is not going to disappoint but rather, inspire.

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