Lenovo ThinkPad T420s


One of the main advantages a tablet has over a notebook or a desktop PC is the almost-instantaneous turn on mode. Whenever you want to use your tablet to send an email or just update your Facebook status, a press of the power button and an unlock gesture will have it ready to do your bidding. Well now it seems that Lenovo is applying that concept to their notebooks as well.

They’ve just announced the ThinkPad T420s laptop with RapidBoot Extreme, that is touted to give the laptop the ability to boot up in 10 seconds or less and resume Windows in under a second. All this is possible due to Lenovo’s Enhanced Experience (EE) 2.0 for Windows 7 as well optimizations to the BIOS and hardware in addition to an Intel X25-M Solid State Drive.

With EE 2.0, customers can:

  • Start their Lenovo PC on average 20 seconds and shutdown 28 percent faster than a typical Windows 7 PC
  • Start their PC as fast as 10 seconds and open applications two times faster on select Lenovo EE 2.0 PCs that include optional RapidDrive solid state drive technology
  • Resume Windows in less than one second, 36 percent faster than the average competitor Windows 7 PC
  • Utilize robust security tools and rich Web conferencing features on Think-branded PCs

The ThinkPad T420s is also packed with security tools such as a fingerprint reader for authentication, optional self-encrypting hard drives, BIOS port lock settings, HI webcams, microphones with a speakerphone mode, keystroke noise suppression technology, and even Dolby Home Theater surround sound. The ThinkPad T420s will be available in mid-May, full specs can be obtained from the Lenovo online store and prices start at $1,679.

[Press Release]

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