Let’s face it – Google TV hardware has yet to capture the imagination of the world by storm, so you can expect a fair bit of such inventory left available for the masses by various companies including Logitech. Apart from a price cut, what other methods can you think of to further the cause of your wares? Logitech took the same route by slashing the price of their Logitech Revue to $199 at Amazon, which is a $100 discount that you can spend elsewhere in these economically trying times. The $100 price drop will more or less help pave a clear path for future hardware that will be based on the Android 3.1 operating system, while making it the most affordable Google TV hardware you can find to date. Heck, if they can give it out for free, what’s a $100 discount, right?

Of course, it really depends on whose perspective you are viewing from – detractors would say that this discount is an admission of much lower than expected sales, while hoping to use it as a platform to achieve a momentary boost in sales over the next few weeks.

It is most likely that the Logitech Revue will be able to be upgraded to Android 3.1 Honeycomb sometime down the road, and support for additional USB hardware might just let the device support peripherals such as gamepads, mice and new keyboards amongst others.

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