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Logitech says no to Revue 2
If you’re hoping for a follow up device to the original Revue Google TV set top box from Logitech, you’re out of luck – because it’s not going to happen. At least not in the near future. At a meeting with investors yesterday, Logitech’s CEO Guerrino De Luca called the Revue a mistake, and that it will be putting an end to the device by letting supplies of it run […]

Logitech Revue to receive Honeycomb upgrade
The Logitech Revue is not really a “must have” device, but it still would be nice to see it sitting in the middle of the living room – especially after the recent price cut that say it dip below the $100 mark. Well, Logitech did promise to roll out the Android 3.x Honeycomb update in due time, but it seems that your patience (which is fast wearing thin) is going […]

Logitech Revue now available for $90
While the Logitech Revue has been subject to a number of price cuts since its launch (it was reduced to $99.99 a couple of months ago), Apple’s Apple TV price has remained $99.99 since it was introduced. Now it looks like Google’s set top box, the Logitech Revue, has received yet another price cut, making it cheaper than the Apple TV. The Logitech Revue can now be purchased from Tiger […]

Logitech Revue Honeycomb update leaked
There is an unofficial update available online for Logitech’s Revue which has just seen a price drop to go under the magical $100 mark. Here is an interesting question though – just like the Nintendo 3DS, if pricing is not the main barrier, would slashing the price of your hardware actually move more units and prop it up in the end? Assuming you are one of those with a Logitech […]


Logitech Revue now priced at $99.99
If you were always keen on trying out Google TV but were turned off by the high price of purchasing the Logitech Revue, despite its price drop not too long ago, you’ll be pleased to know that the TV set top box is about to get even cheaper. Logitech has announced yet another price cut for the Revue.

Google TV update for the Logitech Revue confirmed for end of summer
Google TV hasn’t exactly been the most popular Google product available, but Google’s recently revealed its future plans for the set top box show that things are about to get better. But we were all left with a vague “late this summer ETA” and no word on whether the existing Google TV products would be upgraded. According to The Droid Guy, who managed to get in touch with Logitech, the […]

Logitech Revue price drop
Let’s face it – Google TV hardware has yet to capture the imagination of the world by storm, so you can expect a fair bit of such inventory left available for the masses by various companies including Logitech. Apart from a price cut, what other methods can you think of to further the cause of your wares? Logitech took the same route by slashing the price of their Logitech Revue […]

Logitech giving away free Revue Google TV units for CES
[CES 2011] You have to admit that freebies are a great PR stunt and now Logitech is giving away five Logitech Revue Google TV set top boxes this week, one for each day of CES.  Recently there have been rumors that the Revue was in the midst of a production halt, but Logitech did dispel those rumors. Folks who want to win it will need to keep an eye on […]

Logitech says Google did not request for Revue production halt
In an interesting twist of development, Logitech issued a statement that says Google did not request them to stop production of the Revue device until February in order to pave the way for a firmware update. Of course, Logitech’s carefully worded stance meant they didn’t deny a production freeze of any kind, just saying that they are currently “meeting the inventory needs” of stores. According to the official statement, “Logitech […]

Logitech Revue Update To Offer Netflix With Search Function
Owners of the Logitech Revue might not be too happy with the Netflix experience on the device, as it doesn’t offer important features such as queue management. The good news is that Logitech is launching an update for the device, bringing notable improvements to the Netflix app, bringing it closer to the PlayStation 3 version and offering improved searching capabilities. The build is dated November 22 so a public launch […]

Boxee Box Dissected Already, Similar Hardware To Logitech Revue
This didn’t take any time at all, did it? The Boxee set-top box has started to ship for pre-orders and retail launch is slated for November 17th but the folks over at iFixit have managed to get hold of a unit and have dissected the whole thing, baring everything inside for us to see. It’s worth noting that the Boxee Box offers similar hardware components to the Logitech Revue. Both […]

Logitech Revue with Google TV unveiled
Today’s the day where Logitech releases its Revue with Google TV, where it was specially designed to deliver the best possible Google TV experience to households throughout the US that already have a HDMI-ready TV sitting in the living room. Just what is Google TV? Well, it will deliver traditional TV programming alongside the power of the Internet, letting you access both from the comfort of your couch. Logitech Revue […]

Logitech Revue is actually Google TV Box
Logitech has finally decided to put a name to their Google TV box, calling it the Logitech Revue instead. Apart from the final christening of the device, everything else about it remains the same as before, as it goes about without batting an eyelid, combining web access, cable or satellite content, apps and video calling among others right smack on the TV itself. You will be able to use an […]