Apple’s machines with the Mac OS environment have long been touted for their immunity to viruses, often being made a selling point when one is undecided between choosing a PC or a Mac. Since viruses and trojans are different, the emergence of Mac Defender as a trojan makes it fall under the malware community, and the idea of high levels of security on the Mac has been battered with the emergence of the Mac Defender, resulting in an epidemic of sorts that arose more or less overnight. Ed Bott, Jacqui Cheng and a bunch of other folks have dug deeper into the issue, realizing that AppleCare technicians are being greeted with an explosion of malware issues – and get this, Apple has allegedly been specifically directed support technicians to remain uninvolved.

Of course, no operating system environment is truly invulnerable, and the same holds true for Mac OS X, as there is a steadily rising potential for Mac malware as time passes by. Still, since such occurences are extremely rare on the Mac platform, so could that be the reason that developers don’t think there is much of a malware market to develop on the Mac platform, which would mean a better chance at reaping larger profits when you develop anti-malware products for the PC market instead?

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