While we’ve seen some interesting Shanzai phones previously that improved upon their predecessors, i.e. the iPhone 4 nano or 4.8″ HTC HD7. But more often than not they just end up being a bad copy of the original device. Case in point, the recently released Samsung Nexus S clone called the K1000 D.

When you think Nexus S, probably one of the following will come to mind first – its Super AMOLED display, Android 2.3, or NFC. Well, the K 1000D has none of these features. Firstly it runs on Android 2.2, which is a big no-no for a clone since it’s Google’s current flagship device and was the first phone on the market to ship with that version of Android. It also doesn’t feature Samsung’s gorgeous curved Super AMOLED display. In its place is a cheap touchscreen that doesn’t even feature capacitive touch – it’s resistive.

What it does have is the dual cameras, though the rear shooter only supports 480p HD video recording. The K1000D features an MTK 6516 processor with 256MB of RAM and 512MB of ROM. It also has WiFi, GPS and built-in analog TV (something not present in the original Nexus S). But for folks who felt that the Nexus S was too plasticky, the K1000D comes with metal trim to give it some class. It’s probably never going to reach our shores through legal channels but for what it’s worth, it’s interesting to see what these copycat manufacturers will come up with next.

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