You know just how crazy the world can get? Well, a pair of Israeli parents who are absolutely in love with Facebook have decided to name their daughter after Facebook’s iconic “Like” button – simply because both Lior and Vardit Adler think that she is as cute as a button, and intend to mark the happy occasion with such a move. No idea on what kind of psychological repercussions the little girl will have to go through when she is growing up in pre-school, followed by school and college after that. Of course, what happens when she is wading around knee deep in Internet speak such as “Do Not Like!” and the ilk?

At least her siblings have it better, with the eldest child being named Dvash (“honey”) while the second kid is known as Pie, but the digital revolution has finally caught up with Like. 

Of course, the dad has an ace up his sleeve as he informed Israeli newspaper Haaretz that Like could be a modern equivalent of the traditional Jewish name Ahuva, and when you translate that, it means “beloved.” On the brighter side, at least it sounds better than “Facebook”, which was what a newborn baby girl was christened with in Egypt.

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