Puppy Robotic

A Korean designer named Hyun-Seok Kim has recently come up with a concept for a new robot floor cleaner and no, it’s not the Roomba. Maybe if you split the Roomba into four robots and add a pinch of cuteness. Called the Puppy Robotic, this cleaning robot is bound to put a smile on anyone’s face when they see the robots in action.

The Puppy Robotic is a set of four robot pups and one mother dog. The four robot puppies go around the house, cleaning the place, picking up garbage they encounter (if it’s small enough). With their small sizes, you can expect the pups to enter tight places and areas you normally can’t reach yourself. When the pups are full of rubbish or are running low on battery, they return to the mother dog to dump the waste and to get juiced for another run.

When your house is spick and span, you can even play around with the pup robots by tossing a tracking device which the pups will attempt to follow. For best results, attach the device to the collar of a house pet – the pups will follow behind, cleaning up the mess it makes. No word on whether the device will make it into production, but for what it’s worth, it sure puts the cute into cleaning. Check out Yanko Design for more pics of the Puppy Robotic.

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