OK, so we have covered news concerning a voice charging cell phone recently which frankly, does sound quite far fetched. After all, you would need a whole lot of mints to soothe that throat of yours which will most probably end up coarse once you are done with all that shouting. At least what we have here today sounds a whole lot more viable – a solar-powered netbook which might just be in development from Samsung. 

The South Korean consumer electronics giant is holding a forum in in Kenya this week, and apart from unveiling plans for notebooks, tablets, appliances, and other electronics on the African continent, whispers have it that a new solar powered netbook is also going to take centerstage – for obvious reasons.

There are many rural segments in Africa, so it makes perfect sense for a solar-powered netbook – after all, getting proper and constant electricity might not be possible in the more rural areas, so solar power does seem to be the way to go. You will need to probably bake the netbook for long hours under the sun though, as solar panel efficiency hasn’t reached the desired level of what we geeks would like at the moment.

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