Sharp breaks new ground (and holds a new record as well) with the launch of the first Ultra High Definition LCD display in the world, in their collaboration with NHK. Measuring 85″ across diagonally – it sports a whopping resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 – which is a mind boggling amount when you think about it since it is the equivalent of 16 times the resolution of HDTV, paving the way for your eyes to feast on incredibly detailed, high-quality images.

Previously before Sharp rolled out this puppy, those who wanted to enjoy Ultra High Definition broadcast at full resolution had only one way of doing so – using a projector. Thanks to Sharp’s UV2A LCD technology, it will deliver an unprecedented level of precision when controlling the alignment of liquid crystal molecules in an LCD structure, letting Sharp create a flawless 33-megapixel display.

NHK is currently working on kicking off trial broadcasts of this next generation broadcast format sometime in 2020 – that is still 9 years away, but this is a good start. Best to start saving up from today onwards to purchase a compatible Ultra HDTV by then, right? [Press Release]

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