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Analyst predicts iPad 3 to be released in February 2012
Looking forward to Apple’s next-gen iPad? If you are, according to a Citi Group analyst, Richard Gardner, his sources have told him that Apple has plans to release the successor to the iPad 2 some time in February of 2012, a good month earlier than they had originally released their iPad 2. The iPad 3 has also been said to feature a resolution that will doubt that of the iPad […]

Kingston predicts rise in SSD adoption in 2012
Users of Apple’s MacBook Air can appreciate how fast it takes to boot up the laptop. In fact most, if not all, SSD (Solid State Drive) owners can probably attest to just how speedy it is but unfortunately due to its high costs and limited capacity, the adoption rate of say a 128GB SSD will never be able to match a 1TB hard drive that’s a fraction of its price. […]

Apple television expected mid-2012, Sharp to supply display panels
Excited at the possibility of Apple’s television actually coming to fruition? Well if Jefferies analyst Peter Misek’s predictions are to be believed, we should be able to expect a launch of an Apple television set some time mid-2012, which is usually when Apple’s WWDC is held and where Apple’s iPhones have typically been launched (with the exception of the iPhone 4S).

CES 2012 expected to introduce 30-50 new ultrabooks
We know that Intel is pushing hard for manufacturers to start rolling out ultrabooks, hoping that ultrabooks will become the new standard of notebooks that will be fast, thin, portable and ultimately emulate what Apple has managed to achieved with the MacBook Air. Well the good news is that if you’re shopping around for an ultrabook, come CES 2012 you will have more than enough options to choose from.


Supercomputer is the new crystal ball, predicts revolution
In the distant future, do you think you will be able to see gypsy women peer into a computer monitor instead of a crystal ball so that they can chart the future? That seems to be the direction where we’re heading, as it seems as though a supercomputer is capable of predicting the Arab Spring revolutions – according to sentiment mining that displayed a sharp change in tone around Egypt […]

Intel predicts the end of tablets, laptops and netbooks
Here’s something you don’t hear every day. We’ve all heard that tablets will eventually replace desktops, notebooks and the like, but what about the end of tablets instead? Well the folks over at Intel seem to believe that in 10 years time we won’t be seeing those devices anymore. Not just tablets, but laptops and netbooks as well.

App Store app prices predicted to increase this year
Heavy shoppers on the Apple App Store should start watching their spending habits – at least according to predictions by analysts, Gene Munster and Piper Jaffray. They predicted that the average price of an app is going to rise about 14% this year – due to the fact that people are more willing to spend money on apps now, as opposed to 2010 when the average prices of paid apps […]

88.6% of tablet shipments this year to be 9.7" and 10.1" in size
We’ve all read about Steve Jobs stating that the 7″ tablet is dead on arrival. And judging by how well the 7″ tablet has been doing in comparison to its larger sized competition – it’s safe to say he’s quite right. And now, according to some new statistics and predictions by a research department WitsView under TrendForce, 88.6% of global tablet shipments this year will be in two sizes: 9.7″ […]

Teen brain data used to predict the success of a pop song
Teen brain data can be used to predict the success of a pop song, according to the latest findings of scientists at Emory University. They performed an experiment where they got a group of twenty-seven teenagers, aged 12-17 and played them music 120 songs from MySpace pages of relatively unknown musicians without recording contracts. The researchers recorded the teenagers’ neural reactions through functional magnetic resolution imaging (fMRI). They were also […]

Sold state drives predicted to break out in 2012
In the world of high-end computing where speed matters the most, solid state drives (SSD) are the best option for blazing fast performance. SSDs are smaller, faster, and more power-efficient than hard drives. But like all technology, it comes with a tradeoff: SSDs are very expensive. At the moment, SSDs cost about $1.50 per gigabyte in low capacity drives with sky-high prices for larger drives.However, according to a recently published […]

Microsoft thinks tablets will die out
Redmond giant, Microsoft, has been reported as saying that tablets won’t be around for long. Apparently the closing gap between smartphones and laptops will be the death of tablets that are apparently only around to fill that gap for now. Funny words for the company to say, especially since their operating system, Windows 7, has been quite a popular choice of platform for non-Android tablets and their upcoming version of […]

US digital music files sales to surpass CD sales in 2012
Strategy Analytics has made an interesting prediction about the sales of digital music files in the US. According to their latest reports, sales of digital music files in the US will overtake CD sales for the very first time next year. Sales of CDs have slowly been declining over the years, while sales of digital music files have been climbing. The fact that single track downloads are expected to dominate […]

IDC predicts Windows Phone will overtake iOS market share by 2015
For the surprising news of the week, it appears that the IDC has some interesting predictions to share. According to their team of researchers and analysts, they see Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform overtaking iOS’s market share by the year 2015. They believe that the worldwide smartphone market will grow almost 50% this year (49.2% to be exact) and Apple’s iOS will only make up for 15.7% of that share while […]

IDC says Android to keep its lead till 2015
IDC has looked into their crystal ball, and have come up with a rather interesting prediction – that Google’s Android operating system will be able to maintain their lead until 2015, although Microsoft’s Windows Phone will pip the iPhone to second place. Android should be able to chomp up 39.5% this year but experience modest gains four years down the road, while Nokia’s Windows Phone switch might end up reversing […]

Windows Phone 7 to be the fastest growing operating system in 2011?
Ovum, an analyst group, has predicted that Windows Phone 7 will be the fastest-growing operating this year. According to Jan Dawson, their chief telecoms analyst, “Windows Phone 7 will upset the status quo in the smartphone market by becoming the fastest-growing smartphone platform. The telecoms landscape is changing rapidly and our predictions reflect that. Each of our practices has given their expert forecasts for the major shifts set to take place […]