Articles about prediction

Analyst predicts iPad 3 to be released in February 2012
Kingston predicts rise in SSD adoption in 2012
Apple television expected mid-2012, Sharp to supply display panels
CES 2012 expected to introduce 30-50 new ultrabooks
Supercomputer is the new crystal ball, predicts revolution
Intel predicts the end of tablets, laptops and netbooks
App Store app prices predicted to increase this year
88.6% of tablet shipments this year to be 9.7" and 10.1" in size
Teen brain data used to predict the success of a pop song
Sold state drives predicted to break out in 2012
Microsoft thinks tablets will die out
US digital music files sales to surpass CD sales in 2012
IDC predicts Windows Phone will overtake iOS market share by 2015
IDC says Android to keep its lead till 2015
Windows Phone 7 to be the fastest growing operating system in 2011?