The popularity of Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN) has made it a prime target for hackers to strut their stuff, and the PSN has been down for what seems to be an eternity already – well, at least if gives the impression to teens that there is more to life than just video games as well as movie streaming, right? Sony has decided to hire investigators to look into the security breach, where personal data of over 100 million online game users was compromised.

According to Sony, Data Forte and cyber-security detectives from Guidance Software are not the only ones brought aboard, to look into how they are able to bring the culprits to book after taking down both the Playstation Network and Sony Online Entertainment. Vital information such as names, addresses and perhaps even credit card numbers were stolen in the recent attack.

It is notable that some of the attacks arrived via a Malaysia-based server, according to the Wall Street Journal who were quoting a personal familiar with the matter. Just last week, Sony let it be known that 77 million Playstation users’ personal details may have been stolen by hackers, and earlier yesterday, it further mentioned that another 25 million gamers had their personal details stolen due to a security breach.

Is it comforting that Sony claims those information were from an “outdated database”, or is it just a red herring to discourage the hackers to sell those data to other people?

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