Human ingenuity at its best rears its head again – this time around, we are talking about a Twitter-powered Geiger counter that also sees a Netduino Plus kit running in tandem together. Technical program manager at Microsoft Fabien Royer managed to cobble together this DIY project during his spare time, touting his experience in France during the 1986 Chernobyl disaster helping shape his views when it comes to issues of radiation poisoning and government transparency. Royer claims that the French government downplayed the disaster, and also thinks that the US government is following such steps where the Fukushima Nuclear disaster is concerned.

Hence building his own Geiger counter through the form of a bare-bones radiation kit with the help of Netduino Plus. It seems that Royer’s Geiger counter is extremely accurate, showing off consistent readings with that of the EPA’s air monitoring stations around the Washington area. Anyone with a penchant for DIY projects would definitely want to check out what Royer has in store, and if you think that a video of the entire shebang would make more sense, enjoy it below.

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