Now this is one interesting DIY project that you might want to look into if you feel that you have some extra time to spare this weekend, and so much the better if you’re a video game geek. The name itself, the Video Game Urinal, is self-explanatory, but here are more details on this piece of home improvement that even Mario himself would be proud – just make sure there aren’t any leaks lest he drops a “Tsk! Tsk!” in mid-sentence. Check out the glorious flushing action in the video that’s embedded in the extended post. 

Bear in mind that flush valves which will be used in this project are not designed for installation in most residences, since there might not be enough water pressure or water volume for them to operate correctly. Basically, this means you will need to install this fun urinal in a commercial setting or verify your water supply line meets the flush valve manufacturers specifications.

If someone were to tell you 10 years ago that you would be taking a piss on your SNES console in the future, you’d probably think that they forgot to bring their straightjacket with them. How things have changed in a decade…

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