WhisperMonitorAndroid users who have been worried about the recent surge of private data leaks recently will be glad to know that they have a solution to the problem. Security expert, Moxie Marlinspike has just launched the first dynamic Android firewall today. Called WhisperMonitor, the firewall for Android phones monitors all outbound connection attempts by installed apps and the operating system, giving users an idea of what’s going on with their phone.

If users think an app is accessing something that it shouldn’t, they have the option of blocking URLs or port numbers accessed with it. Users can also set firewall rules for individual apps and even provide connection history for apps on the phone. WhisperMonitor also comes bundled with WhisperCore, a device-level encryption app for Android storage, including the SD card.

So if you think that your phone is sending out data that it shouldn’t, or you want some extra protection for the files on your phone, head over to the WhisperSystems website to download WhisperMonitor for your Android phone.

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